Absenteeism ConsultingWhat is absenteeism? It is habitual absence, often caused by a lack of desire to go to work or even feeling repulsed by the workplace. Employees will often find excuses to not come into work if they feel that their workplace is hostile, counterproductive, or otherwise undesirable. This can even affect remote workers, as the workplace is not only a physical space but also experiential, social – a state of mind. Absenteeism consulting is about helping your organization identify attendance issues related to sub-optimal aspects of your physical and logistical workspace.

From benefits and wellness to infrastructure and team-building, reducing absenteeism can have a variety of other positive effects. It begins with analysis. Understanding absence trends provides insights into when, where, and why employees are avoiding the workplace. From there, preliminary plans are made to adjust various aspects of your work environment and processes. Then we measure and repeat.

Understanding absenteeism in your organization will help you better understand your employees, your physical and social infrastructure, and your operational procedures and best practices. The holistic process can benefit any organization, even helping to reveal other related challenges like presenteeism, communications issues, regulatory non-compliance, low morale, problematic managers, or employees who are not a good fit for the team. Our MMA ADL team possesses expertise in all of these issues and many more. They can unravel a successful operation surprisingly quickly, or just a problematically lurk in the background causing inefficiency, instability, and potential liability.

The larger an organization becomes, the harder it is to keep track of the struggles of each individual employee. MMA ADL can help with absenteeism consulting and more. How? Just ask us!