Corporate Disability AdvisorsThere are disability benefits required by federal (and sometimes state and/or municipal) law. Failure to comply with regulations for short-term and long-term disability can result in fines and penalties vastly outstripping the cost of offering the mandated benefits. Beyond this, non-compliance can damage company reputation. As corporate disability advisors, we help you navigate the challenging and ever-shifting regulatory compliance standards.

But there’s more to it than that. Many organizations offer additional disability benefits, workplace disability accommodations, and other benefits and incentives. Are you competitive in your marketplace? Talent acquisition and retention have reached historically challenging levels. Maintaining your competitive edge can boost retention and productivity.

As corporate disability advisors, MMA ADL helps organizations of all shapes and sizes to support their employees and their workplace with benefits that encourage engagement and retention, even through unexpected events that can prompt short-term or long-term disability. What plans does your organization have in place for employees who may need to go on disability leave? How will you support them and how will you support their team in their absence? How do you communicate these benefits and track their use? Understanding trends for injury and disability-related absence from events inside and outside the workplace will improve your ability to reduce strain on employees and on the organization overall. Contact us to learn more.