statutory leave complianceStatutory leave compliance pertains to the complex and extensive list of laws and rulings regarding workplace absences. While some laws and statutes exist on a federal level, many are state-wide or local. Complying with all relevant regulations is essential to avoiding substantial fines and penalties, and doing so often helps to support a healthy and organized workplace.

What systems do you have in place to track and manage absences, sick time, family leave, extended leaves, personal days, disability, and more? Our blog regularly updates with local, regional, and national statutory leave compliance advisories.

Managing your time away from work challenges in a way that is accessible, transparent, and supportive for employees can also increase team efficiency and employee morale and even help to build talent acquisition and retention. In an increasingly competitive market, maintaining an advantage through the quality of your workplace pays regulatory and morale dividends. But doing it alone can be a big undertaking, and many companies struggle to plan and execute in a way that’s effective and cost-effective. MMA ADL specializes in supporting organizations through these changes, from small to large, local to national. Leveraging analytics, compliance experts, logistics specialists, and the experience and resources of the largest insurance entity in the world can help you prosper.