TAW solutionsTAW solutions, or time away from work, encompass your organization’s plan to support anything from an employee vacation or volunteer days to parental leave or sabbatical. Tracking and managing these changes in workforce can help support those in and out of the workplace. Failing to do so decreases productivity while increasing stress and turnover.

Your TAW solutions should include absence management software, dedicated HR professionals, flexible staff distribution and labor reallocation contingencies, and regulatory compliance consideration and confirmation. FMLA, for example, requires that leave be permitted for various specified purposes, including the birth or placement of a child. The leave does not have to be paid per these regulations, but it can be, and offering pay during such leave can increase the likelihood that your team members will return to work after the time has elapsed.

Anticipating the variable workload of your team members as key contributors come and go from the workplace can seem daunting, but preparing for leave with good communication tools can help.

Managing your time away from work challenges in a way that is accessible, transparent, and supportive for employees can increase team efficiency and employee morale and even help to build talent acquisition and retention. Ready to learn more about solutions that can help your organization thrive? Let’s talk!