Wellness Recruiting InitiativeBuilding and maintaining a wellness recruiting initiative is essential to attracting and retaining talented and strong team members. Whether your team is struggling to find the time or motivation to get proper exercise or nutrition, or suffering with the burden of mental or emotional health challenges, employees can’t be expected to correct these imbalances alone. Stress, anxiety, depression, malnutrition, and other issues have far-reaching effects. Workplace stress compounds these issues, which can lead to burnout, poor productivity, and ultimately difficulty in acquiring and maintaining a strong team.

Companies who support their teams with a comprehensive wellness program benefit from improved employee motivation and productivity, increased retention, better brand reputation which can improve client relationships, fewer absences, fewer safety and liability concerns from disgruntled employees, and much more. All of this can be incorporated into your wellness recruiting initiative to attract the best and brightest to your workplace.

Implementing such a program includes access to diverse and balanced meals, well-equipped exercise facilities, qualified counselors and therapists, and usually involves health and wellness assessments and diagnostics. Access to accounting and legal services can further support employees who may be struggling with a range of issues from retirement planning to a complicated divorce settlement. The costs of such programs are usually more obvious than the value of the benefits, but they consistently prove invaluable to a variety of organizations. Want to learn more about how your organization can implement a wellness program and wellness recruiting initiative to reduce absences and improve talent acquisition and employee morale? Let’s talk!