The Effects of Rising Interest Rates on LTD Pricing

Gina welcomes Paul Hitchcox, ADL’s Chief Actuary, to discuss the effects of rising interest rates on LTD pricing, the impact on an employee out on a LTD leave, and the silver lining for employers when it comes to their life and disability insurance.

Global Leave Benchmarking

As large employers continue to manage their workforce through Covid, they are reassessing and rebalancing their leave programs with an eye on what’s provided for their employees across the globe.  Gina and Chris discuss global leaves benchmarking to assist our clients with retention, as well as to evaluate, compare, and identify where they want to be in comparison to competitors.

Managing leaves through SaaS

Gina welcomes Scott Downie, ADL Consultant, to discuss how Scott and his team helps their 45k employee customer to manage the leaves process through Software as a Solution, or SaaS.  Learn what steps the ADL team takes to evaluate and provide the best solution to improve their customer’s integration with paid leave programs and existing HR Systems, while simplifying the employee experience.

Sabbatical Leaves

This week on Gina’s Gems, Laura Shinohara returns to discuss how employers are pivoting their use of sabbatical leave to help reduce burnout and retain employees.  Watch the latest episode to learn what employers should consider before implementing sabbatical leave policies.

Improving the Mental Health Claims Process

The rise in mental health awareness and increase in the number of organizations offering mental health related benefits has shinned light on the claims process. Gina is joined by Senior Claims Consultant, Kristen Wallace, who discusses the challenges of filing a mental health claim for employees and what your organization can do to provide a positive experience.

What does history teach us about today’s health & productivity challenges?

Inflation, rising interest rates, and skyrocketing gas prices are impacting today’s workers, employers and disability insurers alike.  However, this isn’t the first time we’re feeling the effects of global challenges.  Gina and Phil travel back to 1978 to revisit the past and learn what history can teach us about health and productivity challenges today.

Captive Strategies

John Forde joins Gina to explore the increasingly popular topic of employee benefit captives. Learn what defines a captive and why more benefits leaders are choosing to incorporate them in their employee benefits programs, including real world examples of both captives for stop loss and employee benefits.

Paid Time Off Trends

Luba Pale, Senior Consultant, is welcomed on Gina’s Gems this week to discuss PTO trends. Insights are shared on how employers are modernizing, harmonizing, and providing more flexibility across PTO, vacation, and sick plans. Luba also touches on DE&I and how employers are incorporating this into their time off strategy.

Bereavement: New Updates to an Old Offering

Gina welcomes one of our newest senior consultants, Laura Shinohara, to discuss how employers are looking at bereavement time off with a new lens. Laura shares what is driving a change in the market, how and why employers are expanding their offering, and more.

Paid Caregiver Leave

Gina welcomes Kate Derby, one of MMA ADL’s newest senior consultants to discuss paid caregiver leave. Gina and Kate dive deep into the reasons paid caregiver leave is trending now more than ever and how companies can respond to new and existing paid PFML state laws.

The State of Long-Term Care

Krystie Dascoli is welcomed back to discuss the Long-Term Care market. Insights are shared on why Long-Term Care insurance is back on employers’ minds, which includes a new concern for acute and long-term health, a demographic shift in caregiving, legislative activity, Medicare gaps and more.

Complexities of Statutory Plans

Alex Hoffman, Senior Financial Leader, is welcomed by Gina to share insights on how employers can improve the employee experience when it comes to filing claims in states that have statutory plans. Alex explains the upside of having self-insured plans in these states and how it can positively impact the employee experience.

Voluntary Benefit Trends

Elaina Boebert, Director of Voluntary Benefits Operations, discusses the key trends that are driving disruption in the market. Elaina highlights two main factors influencing the change: the impact of caregiving within an organization and the need for financial wellness; and offers solutions for employers.

Disruption in the Voluntary Benefits Market – Part 2

Gina welcomes Krystie back to share insights on voluntary benefits claims integration and how it is adding value to employers and employees. Krystie outlines the two factors driving the change of claims integration and shares what questions large employers should be asking when choosing voluntary benefit carriers.

Disruption in the Voluntary Benefits Market – Part 1

Krystie Dascoli, Voluntary Benefits Practice Leader, is welcomed by Gina to discuss disruptions in the voluntary benefits market. Gina and Krystie discuss how voluntary benefits carriers have pivoted in response to COVID-19 and how products were modified to better support policyholders.

Leveraging APIs: More Effective Integration between HRIS + Vendors

Gina welcomes Consultant, Tim O’Connor to inform viewers how companies can leverage their API connectivity to create a more effective integration between HRIS and Vendors, as a way to enhance the employee and HR experience. Tim shares the motivations of utilizing APIs, ADL’s vast industry knowledge in the space, and a recent case study.

Case Study: Largest Non-Profit Health System

Gina welcomes Senior Client Leader, Kim Stattner, to discuss a case study involving one of ADL’s clients: a large non-profit health system. Kim describes the motives, process, and benefits behind switching leaves of absence administration from an outsourced model to an insourced model, using software as a solution.

The Complexities of Compliance

Missy Young, a statutory specialist for MMA ADL’s Absence, Disability and Life Practice, is welcomed as this episode’s guest. Gina and Missy take a deep dive into the complexity of compliance, specifically as it relates to paid sick leave and paid disability. Missy outlines top noisemakers for national and regional employers: state leaves; disability on a statutory level; paid family leaves; and accrued paid sick leave laws.

Mental Health Insights

In this episode, Gina welcomes one of MMA ADL’s senior consultants, Jen Skeeters. Jen shares her insights on mental health and the impact a mental health leave of absence has on employees. Jen and Gina discuss how organizations can promote mental health services as well as how employers can improve the employee experience for a mental health leave of absence.

Rebalancing Paid Leave Programs

Gina welcomes Phil Lacy, the Absence Practice Leader of MMA ADL’s Absence, Disability and Life Practice.  Phil, celebrating 43 years in the industry, talks with Gina about why and how large employers are rebalancing their paid time off (PTO) and paid leave programs to provide the best benefits for all their employees.

DE&I Strategies and Solutions – Part 2

For part two of this two-episode interview, Gina meets with Melissa Fetzer, a senior consultant for MMA ADL’s Absence Disability & Life Practice.  Gina and Melissa continue to discuss how employers can promote Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) through their benefits offering.  This episode focuses on strategies and solutions for Life, Accident and Voluntary Benefits.

DE&I Strategies and Solutions – Part 1

For part one of this two-episode interview, Gina meets with Melissa Fetzer, a senior consultant for MMA ADL’s Absence Disability & Life Practice.  Gina and Melissa discuss tips and strategies on how Absence and Disability benefits can promote Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) within an organization.



Absence Challenges & Macro Trends

Gina welcomes Greg Norton, National Practice Leader of MMA ADL’s Absence, Disability and Life Practice (MMA ADL). Gina and Greg discuss current absence challenges and trends in the large employer market.   After a year and a half of absence disruption, Greg outlines three main themes that are driving change, now and into the future.

Series Introduction

Client Relationship Leader and Host, Gina Gabriele, welcomes you to meet MMA ADL’s Absence, Disability and Life Practice (also known as MMA ADL). This team of professionals consults and guides clients in the large national employer market on Life insurance, Disability insurance, complex absence management and TAW programs, compliance, benchmarking, vendor management, and more. Tune in each week to learn more!


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